Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Brentwood, Tenn. (Dec. 12, 2018) – Numotion has announced the rollout of a new customer tool, the myNumotion app, which seeks to improve information transparency with customers. Available on desktop and mobile, the app provides personalized information about a customer’s equipment, order status, Numotion team contact information, invoices, appointments, service requests and offers a live chat feature.
“Our top priority in creating myNumotion was to put the customer experience first. We listened to the questions we get most frequently and prioritized what to include in the portal based on feedback,” said Bud DeGraff, chief operating officer, Numotion. “The myOrders section appears on each individual’s home page because it features what customers care about most – a visual that’s easy to follow and provides details on our order process. This also provides the customer with an indication on where the order is in the process.”
To assist customers in adoption of the app, a video tutorial of how to maximize its benefits was created and shared with customers. In the video, the customer is guided through the various sections, and how to best engage with and take advantage of its offerings – from paying bills, to making service requests.
“We wanted to keep everything about the myNumotion app simple and intuitive so that no matter if a customer was using it from a mobile device or their computer, it would be a consistent experience,” said Dan Prestegaard, chief information officer, Numotion. “Current customers who are using the app have given it exemplary ratings on ease of use, which is exactly what we sought to achieve through the design.”
MyNumotion is available via a website ( or mobile application. Google users can download the app from the Google Play Store, and Apple users are encouraged to bookmark the webpage on their mobile browser. The app is HIPAA-compliant, requiring multi-factor identification and it withholds personal information from forms that are stored in the system.
Numotion has been deploying the myNumotion app to customers by state since September 2018, and currently has more than 4,400 users registered in 27 of the 46 states served by the company. Full deployment will be complete by the end of January 2019.
About Numotion
Numotion is the nation’s leading provider of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), improving the lives of people with disabilities by enabling them to actively participate in everyday life. CRT is medically necessary, individually configured mobility products and services, including manual and power wheelchairs, designed to meet the unique medical and functional needs of individuals with significant disabilities and medical conditions to provide them with greater independence. Based in Brentwood, Tenn., Numotion has more than 150 locations across the country and serves more than 250,000 people. For more information, please visit