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I wanted to take a brief moment before our 3rd annual Ryan Martin Hall of Fame game in Springfield (highlights Ryan_Martin_Foundation_300_77_c1-(1).JPGfrom last years game below) to recap our 7th annual RMF CT Basketball Camp. For the first year we moved into a beautiful new facility and welcomed athletes from 5 different states.


I want to chronicle a story about one new athletes that came to us for the first time. Former multiple high school able-bodied athlete Debrandson Davidson Jr or "DJ" for short felt weekness in his legs on the football field, collapsed, and the next day was unable to walk. DJ's condition was one that changed his life. He went from the captain of the football team to wheelchair bound.


he first time DJ tried wheelchair sports, his father says, immediately the smile came back to his face. Please watch this clip from sports caster John Holt as he came down to camp and shed light to DJ's amazing story.


We are very proud at the RMF to be a part of stories like DJ's, and will continue to support his pursuits for a sense of normalcy through sports.

Thanks to Numotion and all the other several sponsors who make this story happen.


Next stop is speaking at the Kevin Ollie Tolland Fund golf event, Ivan Lendl Sports camp for the Hospital for Special care, and basketball camp at Southwest Minnesota State University. But tonight looking forward to our celebration at the Hall of Fame!

Ryan Martin, Guest Blogger


Ryan Martin, Guest Blogger