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MEENA_DHANJAL_OUTLAW_headshot5_300_375_c1-(1).jpgLast week I got into a fender bender in my modified minivan. It was not drivable, and I had a tow truck take it away to the auto repair shop.  A couple of days later another service came and dropped off a rental modified van. As the drop-off was taking place, one my neighbors happened to be outside, and asked what happened. After I recounted the accident to her, she asked how I got the modified rental vehicle so quickly.  I had to smile to myself, because the process was anything but quick and easy!

Every day I use my power chair and my accessible vehicle to leave my house to drop my kids off to school, pick them up, grocery shop, run other errands, meet friends, and go to work functions. I often carry groceries into the house all by myself, and sometimes I even do yard work like watering my grass, or trimming bushes.  I don’t feel incapable because I am in a wheelchair, but I am definitely a pro at making things look easier than they seem!

Case in point, the rental van. After having the fender bender I came home thinking, what am I going to do? I need a car to get my children from school, but to also work, so I had to find a solution. 

On the morning following the accident I arranged a ride for youngest to and from school and then called the claims adjuster from insurance company of the other person involved. The claims adjuster sounded confident we would be able to get something that fit my needs quickly, but I was not so sure.  Well, several hours later she called back, and confirmed it was much harder to find a rental than she thought. Finally, a few days, many calls, and rides from friends and neighbors later, we confirmed the company I bought my vehicle from had a minivan for me to rent, and that the insurance company would pay my rental fees!

So by the time I rolled out of my house on the morning the rental van was being delivered, looking put together in my jeans and silk shirt, hair and make-up done, a smile on my face, no one would have ever realized - especially the curious neighbor - what it took for me to continue with my life, regardless of my broken-down van!

Meena Dhanjal Outlaw, Guest Blogger


Meena Dhanjal Outlaw, Guest Blogger