The Americans with Disabilities Act requires hotels to maintain a booking and reservations system that is accessible to people with disabilities. Below are a few tips a for booking an accessible room easier. 
  1. Several hotel apps allow you to choose an accessible room when booking. You can choose an accessible room with a tub or an accessible room with a roll-in shower. This is not a guarantee that the hotel will save that room for you. Call the hotel manager and ask them took to look up your reservation and put a note on the computer holding the room. Make you write down the manager’s name in case you arrive and still don’t have the room you need.
  1. Ask the manager to go to the room you arekaren-hotel.jpg requesting take a picture of the bathroom and send it to you before your trip. Everyone’s idea of what accessible means is different. Many hotels will claim that a room is wheelchair accessible, and does not meet ADA requirements.
  1. Even if you have spoken to the manager about your accessible room call again the morning you are leaving for your trip. Call and make sure the room you requested is being held for you. Occasionally before you check in to your accessible room will be given to someone else. Let them know what time you will be checking in.
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