Partnering with a single-source provider for urological products and Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) ensures a client receives a highly customized product solution that meets their bladder management and mobility needs, enabling them to be better equipped to transfer to a home environment.

A medical supply and CRT provider must understand the individualized, unique needs and challenges of individuals with spinal cord injury and bladder incontinence in order to align the best urological products and mobility solution. Working with a single-source provider for such intimate medical supplies and mobility products allows the client, clinician, therapist and provider to collaborate in the decision-making process, resulting in improved patient adherence to their plan of care.

Clients have in-patient clinical care teams to coordinate and ensure the best plan of care. Extending this clinical care team to include a medical supply professional and an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) ensures a client is trained on, and receives, the medically necessary product solution that meets their functional ability and lifestyle from the time of introduction and training, to the transition to home and beyond.

Additionally, it gives the client a single point of contact for their ongoing, at home, DME needs. As clinicians who consult on the daily components of mobility and transfer for a client, ATPs coordinate care with occupational and physical therapists alongside the client to maximize independence through CRT and other equipment. Similarly, medical supply professionals assist in the coordination of the disposable medical supplies needed to maximize a client’s independence based on their injury level, functional ability, dexterity, lifestyle and medical necessity.

Coordinating with clinical care teams, medical supply professionals and ATPs evaluate clients’ activities of daily living (ADLs), home and work environments, travel plans and caregiver scenarios to provide customized solutions. Both professionals provide valuable insight surrounding product options, insurance allowables and education on potential co-pay and out of pocket costs - treating the DME needs of a client as a whole to develop the best possible solution.

The most effective time to involve a medical supply professional and ATP is early in the plan of care determination process. This allows for open dialogue and complete evaluation of a client’s DME needs, ensuring the most appropriate product solutions are introduced and trained on. When a client’s bladder management program is being determined, a medical supply professional is able to coordinate with the clinician on the medically necessary product, or products, that fit a client’s lifestyle. Early inclusion also ensures that consideration is given to how and when a client will transfer for their toileting needs.

A collaborative relationship between the client, clinical care team, and a single-source medical supply and CRT provider, engages the client in the decision-making process for their ongoing care needs and ensures the client receives a highly customized product solution that meets their medical and functional needs.

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Lesley Phelan Dally, MSSW, CCM


Lesley Phelan Dally, MSSW, CCM

Lesley Phelan Dally, MSSW, CCM is a social worker and certified case manager who has been practicing in the healthcare field for the last decade, primarily at Craig Hospital where she specialized in the case management of spinal cord injury rehabilitation. She has also worked in the areas of emergency psychiatric intervention and domestic violence. Lesley is a member of the Rocky Mountain Society of Urologic Nurses & Associates and the United Spinal Association. She was elected to be the Denver Regional Representative for the National Association of Social Workers in 2015 and will finish her 2 year term in August 2017. She is licenses in Colorado with a Master of Science in Social Work and is certified as a Case Manager by the Comission for Case Manager Certification. Lesley joined the Numotion Medical Supply Division in April 2016 as an Account Manager.