side-image-(1).PNG1.  Modify furniture for your needs. If possible, modifying the changing table to allow rolling under it makes a huge difference in comfort and control.

2.  Keep supplies handy. Put everything needed for changing within reach, and make sure it is there before placing baby on table.

3.  Diaper bags can be easily attached to your chair. Hang on the back, or store underneath. 

4.  Learn what works for you. Once confident I upgraded to a more compact changing bag that allows me to change diaper on my lap.

Warren Cleary, Specialty Account Manager


Warren Cleary, Specialty Account Manager

Warren Cleary was injured as a member of the US Parachute Team on a routine competition jump in 2011. After completing rehab at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA he went to work for Shepherd as a Christopher and Dana Reeves Peer Mentor. After growing the peer mentorship program Warren headed out west to teach downhill adaptive skiing for Oregon Adaptive Sports as well as Vocational Job Coaching for Diversability Inc. in Bend, OR. Warren currently lives in Chattanooga, TN with wife and daughter as the region’s Specialty Account Manager for Numotion.