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Playing posture: Depending on what you have available, there are several options
  1. Sit: If you have the balance to sit on the front edge of your wheelchair, and the shoulder/arm strength to swing from this position then sitting might be for you
  2. Standing wheelchair: Great option if you have this type of wheelchair.  I use a Permobil F5 VS.
  3. Paragolfer: I was able to try out this specialized wheelchair for golfing or other outdoor sports at a golfing event put on by Ability360. (www.standupandplayfoundation.org)
 Get secure: Make sure you’re not going to fall out of your chair. I first used a Universal Elastic Strap by Bodypoint, but found I needed something wider. I settled on a 9”-wide transfer strap attached to the back of my wheelchair by rescue climbing carabiners.  It provides comfortable support that I trust.
A comfortable grip: My hands are pretty weak, so I’ve found that equipment helps here too. I use two gloves that have gripping-dots and then a wide elasticized strap that wraps around both hands and connects back to itself by hook-and-loop.
Get on the range: My local driving range wasn’t accessible, so I asked them to make it accessible. Often, and very nicely. Isn’t that a beautiful sight?
 Off to, and on, the Range: Once my knee block and strap are in place, I can take my own clubs down the range. If I get a little help putting the key into the ball-machine, I can push the button and get my own bucket of balls. I had a whole playlist of songs in my head to help with my swing-tempo, so I don’t rush. If there’s someone around to caddy for me (get me into my gloves, wrap secured around clubs, tee up balls, bungee my right armrest out of the way so I have more room for my backswing, and push me back upright when I’m tired and need to rest) that’s great. Otherwise I work with what I have. These didn’t go as far as I wanted, but I’m learning to get over that. They were fairly well grouped, which most golfers will tell you is quite difficult to do. If I can be kind to myself, and stay in the right mindset, I find the whole thing quite meditative.

Heather Markham, MS CS, MS RST, ATP


Heather Markham, MS CS, MS RST, ATP

Heather Markham, MS CS, MS RST, ATP lives in the Phoenix area, and is a Virtual ATP for Numotion. Heather has been a wheelchair user for the last 12 years due to limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. She has a B.S. in Education from Texas A&M, M.S. in computer science from Midwestern State University, M.S. in Rehab Technology and Science from University of Pittsburgh, and a Doctorate from Walt Disney University. She is a photographer, competitive para-surfer, and was Ms. Wheelchair KY 2013. She lives with her cat, and loves living near family.