Karen Roy Hanging Ornaments in Standing WheelchairHow are you feeling about the holidays this year? Are you sad about not being with family members that you traditionally see every year? Although staying home is the best option for all of us this years, it does take an emotional toll on everyone. For the first time I will not be with my daughter for Christmas this year. We are going to jump on a Zoom call Christmas day and Christmas Eve in our matching pajamas. There are many creative ways we can connect with family this year. My friend and follow advocate, Jenny Siegle and I spoke recently about all of the things we are doing this holiday season to make them special. Here are a few of my favorites from our holiday brainstorming session.
  1. Virtual Baking Day: Purchase supplies to bake cookies at your house. Choose a date and then video chat your extended family while all of you bake cookies and talk. Since we are all socially distancing you can wrap the cookies and drop them off at your neighbor’s front door with a holiday card.
  2. Virtual Holiday Movie Night: Schedule a date and time to watch your favorite Christmas movie with the people that you love. You can keep your laptop up and have them with your virtually. Make the same cocktails and snacks and you can share a few laughs even if you can’t be in the same room. In my family we even plan to carry on our tradition of wearing matching Christmas pajamas.
  3. Send gifts to people in nursing homes or group homes: This year I was unable to see my aunt and other family members living facilities. I sent Christmas cookies and small Christmas trees and the beginning of the season so their rooms would be full of holiday cheer.
  4. Drive through light displays: Many cities have beautiful light displays around town. You can drive in separate cars in a caravan with friends and family.
  5. Talk with neighbors outdoors: I bought a fire pit this year for my back patio. We enjoyed socially distances conversations by the fire pit with hot coco and outdoor Christmas lights. Jenny mentioned she does this with her neighbors on the driveway. This would be a good way to ring in the New Year as well.
  6. Virtual Mixology Classes: Send out a holiday drink recipe with an invitation for a virtual party. Using a video meeting you can show your guests how to make the drink and then share in some festive cocktail conversation.

Celebrating the holidays during a pandemic is different, but not necessarily worse. Many people complain during the holidays that there is too much to do and too much rushing around. Without holiday parties and concerts to attend we will have more time to appreciate some peace and quiet. We can spend more time enjoying decorations in our homes and intimate gatherings. There are many ways to be creative and feel close to the people you love this year. I believe that we will look back on this holiday season in the next few years and cherish these peaceful memories. I wish all of you a great holiday season and happy New Year.
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