Last month I had the privilege to join Numotion’s National Leaders Conference in San Antonio Texas. Since launching our partnership last year, Motivation and Numotion have been working together to make the Multisport wheelchair available throughout the USA. It’s been great to see how our work together could help grassroots wheelchair basketball and tennis to spread.

Numotion’s aim runs in parallel to ours at Motivation: improving the lives of people with disabilities by enabling them to actively participate in everyday life. With 140 locations across the country and more than 250,000 people served annually, they are USA’s leading provider of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) – and they’re the best possible partner to help us improve access to sport.

So it was incredible to have the chance to meet hundreds of their staff, who congregated from almost every State. Mike Mowry,  Director of Business Development Northeast Region
Ryan Martin, Ryan Martin Foundation.
Josh Turek, Two time Paralympic medal winner for Team USA

What was it all about though?
The conference had a packed schedule and the staff were working hard throughout the whole thing! Attending discussions to enhance learning about new mobility products and services, sharing experiences, receiving updates on healthcare legislation and attending presentations from partners like the Ryan Martin Foundation.

There was also time to check out the supplier exhibit - this is where I was based with a shiny Motivation stand.
It was a great chance to connect directly with hundreds of staff, learn more about Numotion’s clients’ needs, share the Motivation story, answer questions about our Multisport and provide information about inclusive sport.

But perhaps the most exciting moment of the whole event was a spectacular evening fundraiser that saw around 100 staff in 16 teams use 40 Multisport wheelchairs for a half court wheelchair basketball tournament. It was the first time I’ve seen so many Multisports in action at one time – amazing.
Photo by Matthew Bradley on the Numotion Event App

The tournament gave many Numotion staff their first taste of accessible sport and allowed them to try to wheelchair themselves. As you would expect, these “friendly” games where hotly contested and well supported. North Central were victorious. Will they retain the cup in 2020?
North Central Team pictured with Ryan Martin and Josh Turek who, with the Straps Sports Club team helped this fantastic and important fun event along.

Everyone’s a winner
One of the most special things about our partnership is seeing what happens when Numotion provide the Multisport wheelchairs to individuals, clubs, colleges and sports facilitators. They’re helping to create countless more accessible sports opportunities. Access to sport and play is a human right, not a luxury and can do so much more than just keeping you fit and heathy – it builds confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

One hundred percent of the profit from the sale of Multisport wheelchairs to Numotionsupports Motivation’s charitable work. That means the money goes back into our charitable arm where it’s used to provide wheelchairs to disabled people in developing countries, where healthcare is often far out of reach, if it exists at all.

Thank you Numotion for the warm welcome and opportunity to meet with your brilliant teams – I’ve got a feeling this is just the start of some exciting times…
Clare Childs, Sports Range Manager - Motivation


Clare Childs, Sports Range Manager - Motivation

Clare has been the Sports Range Manager at Motivation since 2011, helping people find access points and outlets for sport wheelchairs, improving knowledge of accessible sports and building partnerships. Fifteen years ago, she began volunteering to help people with mobility disabilities access UK music festivals which sparked her interest in getting people mobile and active. A lifelong sports fan and a "very" retired rugby and hockey player Clare works from Motivation's Headquarters in Bristol, UK.