header.PNGTire-pressure-pic.jpg1.  Maintaining proper tire pressure helps to keep your wheelchair rolling smoothly and helps you conserve your energy while pushing. You can find the recommendations for ideal pound-force per square inch on the side of your tire. It’s easiest to use a compressor to fill the tires with air.

2.  Check all of the screws on your the wheelchair every three months. Screws on the back of your chair can come loose over time and that can be dangerous. After airline travel is also a good time to check every screw on your wheelchair.

3.  Clean the frame of the chair with a solution of  water and mild detergent. The backrest and  cushion can be cleaned with soap and water.

4.  Most cushion covers are machine washable, and should be washed once a week. This is important for keeping your skin healthy.

5.  Remove the front casters to clean as needed. The front casters on a wheelchair catch hair and other debris that stops the wheelchair from rolling easily. Use a half inch wrench to remove the bolt and spacers, and then remove the hair and any other debris. Needle nose pliers will be helpful when reinserting the bolt through the second side of the caster. 


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