People with mobility impairments often have a neurogenic bladder or problems with incontinence and frequent  urinary tract infections. Everyone should be drinking approximately 62 ounces of water per day. Also, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and sugar-filled drinks helps to keep your urinary tract healthy. Here are some tips you may not have heard before.
  1. Empty your bladder frequently and Bladder-Health-graphic.pngmake sure you empty it. Move the catheter around by pulling it out slightly and then pushing it in again. Moving the catheter around even after the flow of urine stops helps you to empty. Completely emptying the bladder prevents bacteria from growing and causing a urinary tract infection.
  1. 90% of UTIs are caused by a bacteria called E. Coli. Research shows that taking D Mannose can prevent E. Coli from latching onto the urinary tract. Many physicians recommend patients with frequent UTIs take a daily dose of a D Mannose supplement.
  1. Pelvic floor exercises, also called Kegel exercises, can be done by people with paralysis and other mobility impairments by using biofeedback devices or an occupational therapist's help. Improvements in bladder control can happen in people with paralysis who have used pelvic floor exercises with biofeedback. If you are interested in learning more about pelvic floor exercises, contact an occupational therapist near you.
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