LP-Pro-Tips.pngLuandry-Pro-Tip-pic-3-(2).jpg1. Front loading machines make it easier to load and unload clothes. The control panels are also easier to access from a wheelchair.

2. Use a rolling hamper to carry large loads. You can push the rolling hamper with the front of your wheelchair

3. Get a reacher. A reaching tool, or even the end of a broom handle, can be used to get items from higher cabinets or the top of the washer and dryer.

4. The placement of the washer and dryer doors is important. Make sure the appliance on the left has the hinge on the left and the appliance on the right has the hinge on the right.

5. Service dogs can be taught to help with laundry! They can help operate the machines by pushing buttons with their paws or nose, and can also be trained to load and unload.

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