grocery-shopping-pic-1-(2).jpg1. Find a grocery store that is accessible and has friendly staff. If there is an item on the shelf that you
can’t reach ask for help from an employee oranother shopper. Most people are happy to help in any way they can.
2. It is possible to push the cart with the front of your wheelchair! Use one hand to push the wheelchair and one to hold on to the shopping cart. Some stores have carts that attach to thewheelchair or you can transfer to a motorized grocery cart.
3. Always bring a reacher for items on higher shelves. If the item is breakable, I suggest asking for assistance. 
4. The cart gets harder to push as you fill it with groceries. Toward the end of the shopping trip you can leave the cart in one place and bring the items to the cart. Then make one last push to thecheckout aisle.
5. If you have limited arm or hand strength you can ask for an employee to assist you as you shop. Most stores are happy to assign an employee to push the cart and grab items off of the higher shelves.
6. Don’t forget, there are many options for online grocery shopping and home delivery services. Delivery services have become very affordable and can be especially helpful to people with mobility limitations.
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