side-image.PNG1. Get your clothes tailored. Do you love wearing jeans but hate taking them off every time you use the bathroom? Ask a tailor to extend the zipper down as far as you need so you can just zip them and go! Tailors can help with many different requests when it comes to customizing clothing for your specific needs. 

2. Keep your supplies close. Put your bathroom supplies in a bag attached to the bottom of your seat so you don’t have to worry about always keeping a backpack with you.

3. Get a knee spreader. If you have trouble keeping your knees apart while cathing, a knee spreader is very helpful in keeping your hands free.
Get a mirror. Using a mirror that attaches to your leg makes it easy to see what you’re doing, especially when you are first learning!

4. Explore your options. If you prefer to cath from your chair, but hate emptying the bag afterwards, an alternative option is to use male catheters that are long enough to drain right into the toilet. No matter the equipment you need, most insurance plans cover the equipment that creates the best quality of life for you.

Jillian Harpin, Senior Financial Analyst


Jillian Harpin, Senior Financial Analyst

Jillian Harpin is a finance professional with a degree from Bentley University. In 2016, she fell from a balcony and sustained a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down at 23 years old. She has spent the last four years participating in adaptive sports, from surfing to monoskiing, and was featured in People’s Magazine after competing in a 5K obstacle course race using an offroad wheelchair. She has a passion for mentoring those who are newly injured and helping them get active and back to living their life again.