AOM-Banner-(3).pngFinding an accessible apartment to live in is extremely difficult. Even if the buildings you are looking at have  accessible apartments, often they are already occupied because there is limited inventory or they don’t entirely fit your needs. I recently moved into the most accessible apartment I could find, but I had to make modifications that were not permanent. Here are some of the modifications I made to make my apartment work for me and other suggestions for you.
  1. Try an electric tubApartment-Pro-Tip-(1).png lift if a standard or roll-in shower is not available. A tub lift is easy to use, and no permanent changes have to be made.
  2. If you have doorknobs, consider switching to lever handles. Lever handles are much easier to open from a wheelchair.
  3. If cabinets are hung too high for you to reach, ask maintenance to add more shelves to the cabinets that are within your reach.
  4. Ask your landlord/maintenance to lower closet shelves so you can reach them from a seated position.
  5. Add decorative baskets or storage countertops to store things you use every day, like spices or seasonings in the kitchen.
  6. For me, my front door was too heavy due to the self-closing hinge. I had maintenance remove the hinge so it was light enough for me to open.
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