Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season. Stores everywhere open at 
midnight and early in the morning to offer once-a-year doorbuster deals. 
Here are some tips on how I have survived and thrived during Black Friday.
  1. Use curbside pickup! One positive outcome of COVID is that so many more stores offer curbside pickup services. Avoid crowded aisles and make your holiday shopping a little more manageable by taking advantage of this wherever possible.
  2. If you have to go into a store for a doorbuster deal, it’s not a bad idea to bring a friend (the bigger the better) to help you make your way through any crowds and get to the register unscathed.
  3. For those extra bulky items (like rolls of gift wrap), I tend to order them online and get them delivered so I don’t have to wrestle with getting them through the aisles or doorways.
  4. Transporting all your gifts from your car to your home can be a hassle. You can make it a little easier if you keep an extra big shopping tote in your car that can fit multiple items so you can balance more on your lap and make fewer trips.
Jillian Harpin, Senior Financial Analyst


Jillian Harpin, Senior Financial Analyst

Jillian Harpin is a finance professional with a degree from Bentley University. In 2016, she fell from a balcony and sustained a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down at 23 years old. She has spent the last four years participating in adaptive sports, from surfing to monoskiing, and was featured in People’s Magazine after competing in a 5K obstacle course race using an offroad wheelchair. She has a passion for mentoring those who are newly injured and helping them get active and back to living their life again.