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Response: What you Need to Know

In 2015, Houston Methodist Hospital, a non-profit corporation in Texas, developed a Functional Mobility and Wheelchair Assessment Form to proactively address requests for further information and denials that they were receiving on Complex Rehabilitation Technology orders for their Medicare clients.

Houston Methodist Hospital offers the copyrighted form free of charge to any therapist to utilize in their practice.  Through utilization of this Functional Mobility and Wheelchair Assessment Form, Houston Methodist Hospital, as well as other independent clinicians and hospitals that have adopted it, have seen a drastic decrease in clinical documentation denials.  A decrease in denials translates to decreased documentation reworks and ultimately a faster turnaround on equipment for clients.

Where can I find this form and more information?

Numotion, under a copyright and license agreement with Houston Methodist Hospital, has a free, fillable PDF copy available for download here on our website as well as a tutorial video below, explaining each section of the form, as well as its history, with one of the form authors, Pam Glazener, OT, sponsored by Houston Methodist Hospital.
For additional questions, please feel free to contact (314) 715-4908.

  Houston Methodist Functional Mobility & Wheelchair Assessment


Corporate Compliance Officer – West Division; Executive Director of Compliance Training & Education


Corporate Compliance Officer – West Division; Executive Director of Compliance Training & Education

Andria Pritchett has been with Numotion since 2010. Prior to beginning her career in complex rehab technology, she was a practice administrator for a large multi-specialty therapy clinic. Upon shifting focus to complex rehab technology in 2010, Andria has used her extensive management, clinical and Medicare knowledge to develop and manage the traditional Medicare portion of many aspects of business at Numotion. She has managed Medicare Billing and Medicare Audits, ALJ Hearings, Funding and Order Processing, and took a very active role in the Medicare education program within Numotion. As a current committee member for Medicare Jurisdiction D DME MAC Advisory Committee – Rehab A Team, this vital role allows her to stay on top of the reimbursement environment and educate both internally and externally at the highest level. Andria currently develops a wide range of curriculum and educates Numotion leadership, ATPs and external clinicians nationally on a variety of topics.