1. Be vigilant about skin breakdown issues or pressure sores. Pressure sores can develop quickly and can be extremely timely to heal. Most of us with Spina Bifida are full-time wheelchair users. Due to this, we tend to develop skin breakdown issues and pressure sores far more often than the general public.

2. Spend time out of your chair each day with no pressure on your rear and areas that have pressure while seated. I recommend spending downtime laying down or resting on your side while watching television or relaxing. Even short periods can be highly beneficial to avoid these issues.

3. Get a pressure-relieving cushion, and make sure to use the cushion both in and out of the wheelchair while seated. There are several good cushion options out there to meet your specific needs. Speak to your local Numotion ATP about all of the cushion options available to you. Educate yourself on the pros and cons of each option. Myself, I use a J2 pressure-relieving cushion. Since I have used this cushion I have not had any issues with pressure sores.

4. Practice good hygiene. Keeping yourself clean and your skin dry will be fundamental to prevent your skin from breaking down. At least once or twice a week look yourself over for possible areas of concern. This is best done using a mirror to see underneath you. If you are diligent about doing this you will be able to catch a potential sore before it gets too bad. Prevention is the most important.

5. If you do develop a sore, do not be a hero. Go to see your medical provider and get the medical attention right away. If you catch a sore early enough, it will be much easier to heal and far less pain and suffering in the long term.

Josh Turek, Specialty Account Manager


Josh Turek, Specialty Account Manager

Josh Turek was born with Spina Bifida and is a lifelong manual wheelchair user and a lifelong participant and advocate for adaptive sports. Josh is a gold medalist and 3x Paralympian in wheelchair basketball. He has played professional wheelchair basketball 15 years in several countries. Josh has represented the USA in 3 Paralympic Games in wheelchair basketball, winning a gold medal in Rio in 2916. This summer’s Paralympics in Tokyo will be his forth and final Paralympic Games. Josh has a BA in history and a Masters Degree in business administration. Josh is currently an ATP certified Specialty Account Manager for Numotion in Omaha Nebraska. As well as a volunteer Director for the Ryan Martin Foundation which provides free adaptive sports camps for disabled children.