Interested in becoming an ATP but lack the required certification? A professional career path is achievable through our ATP development program in as little as 19 weeks.

Hear from current Numotion ATPs who completed their certification through Numotion's ATP Development Program.
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ATP Certification Process
  • 14 weeks of an augmented self-study format around RESNA required textbooks
  • 2 weeks (week 15 and 16) of case study, pre-test and review
  • 2 weeks (week 17 and 18) for final test preparation
  • Testing week 19

Once you've completed your certification, Numotion continues to provide post-test support through:
  • Coaching and mentoring by your sales leader. This program is tailored to the uniqueness of ATPs and based on their individual backgrounds and experience.
  • Numotion University Levels 100-400 
  • Peer2Peer program where ATPs can reach out to the experience and wisdom of a nation-wide field force of expertise.