What is Peer2Peer?

Peer2Peer is a program designed to utilize Numotion’s deep network of experienced Assistive Technology Professional’s (ATP’s) to assist all ATPs in understanding complex diagnoses. By leveraging vast ATP experience and knowledge, Peer2Peer facilitates a path by which each client receives the best possible CRT equipment and outcome.

Who is it for?

  • ATP's who are new to their role and/or are part of the ATP Development Program
  • Experienced ATPs who have not encountered certain diagnoses and are in need of more information.

How does it work?

Peer2Peer has both written and virtual resources
  • The written resources consist of structured information sheets on each diagnosis, including typical impairments, limitation in activity, questions to ask and issues to be aware of, and suggested directions and types of CRT to consider. Case studies from the field accompany many diagnosis sheets.
  • Virtual Peer2Peer is a formalized process by which ATPs can request a diagnosis-based expert to join an evaluation or fitting via Numotion’s telehealth platform.