Life for Adam, a political science major at Sacramento State University, has completely changed since receiving his new Permobil standing power wheelchair. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Adam has used a wheelchair for most of his life. Prior to getting his stander, Adam was very independent and mobile, but since getting his new chair he has been able to do things he never thought possible.

Adam is an energetic, loving, hardworking and inquisitive young man who loves interacting with people and relishes life’s opportunities, joys, and challenges. “I love interacting with people in my community and doing what I can to make our world better,” said Adam. “I also enjoy watching NBA basketball, football, keeping up with current political events, watching movies, documentaries, using computers, reading, listening to the radio, visiting presidential libraries, traveling, listening to music, eating out, and spending time with dear family and friends.”

Adam’s new standing wheelchair allows him to be even more independent and mobile in all aspects of his life. “I can cook at home, rest more comfortably, get to a standing position and just be overall more independent at home and in my community,” said Adam.

Although the engineering and movement of his new power wheelchair is slightly different from his previous wheelchair, it didn’t take Adam long to get the hang of it. “There are so many benefits to standing such as brushing my teeth, cooking, standing up during live sporting events to gain visibility, engaging socially with family members and friends at eye level, having the ability to stretch vertically to increase blood flow in my legs and to reduce pain on my buttocks and left hip bone,” said Adam. “The standing function improves the quality, productivity and functionality of my daily life both physically and mentally.”

Adam has been a customer of Numotion (under its former names) since 1995. “They have been my adaptive equipment provider for as long as I can remember,” said Adam. “I have known Mark, my ATP, since I was five years old. He is very approachable, conversant, patient and receptive to my CRT needs. He helps me weigh my equipment options carefully through verbal explanations, the use of visual diagrams and allows me the opportunity to test out demo equipment on-site when it’s available. I appreciate his thoroughness and willingness to personally ask me questions about what equipment would make me most comfortable and functional.”