Allaina is a mom, wife, graphic designer and our first SoftWheel by Numotion customer. She has been in a chair for 22 years since breaking her neck while performing gymnastics as a child. While her Manual Wheelchair helps her get around with ease, her back was taking the stress of every bump and crack she rolled over throughout the day.

As soon as Allaina heard about the revolutionary in-wheel suspension of SoftWheel, she started a GoFundMe page, where she raised enough money to purchase wheels for herself and someone else in need.
“Now my life is different. Just the freedom to go out and about again. I was afraid to go out into the world and try new things because I didn’t know if it was going to cause me pain. It just allows me to be who I want to be.”
SoftWheel’s in-wheel suspension system absorbs impact shocks and vibrations, helping minimize the pain and fatigue often endured with daily wheelchair use.
Allaina can now get her three kids to school and extracurricular activities. She can also enjoy vacations and doesn’t dread road trips. She is truly unstoppable.