Amaya is fourteen years old from Slidell, Louisiana. Amaya loves music and dancing; she is a part of a special needs dance therapy group and performs in recitals every year and attends a weekly dance class. At two years old, Amaya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and this past year was diagnosed with Lennox Gastaut syndrome, a type of epilepsy.

In 2018, Amaya’s mom, Mary joined the Numotion team as a Customer Care Coordinator. During that time, Mary learned that Numotion worked with Amaya’s daycare and was told that Amaya would benefit from mobility equipment. Amaya can walk with assistance but only for short periods and she worked with Amaya’s Numotion team to provide her with an adaptive stroller, wheelchair, tricycle, and a chill out chair.

“When Amaya gets on her tricycle, she goes. There is no slowing her down unless we hit the break on the back. She loves to get out and just ride and thinks it’s funny to squeak her ‘squeaky’ at passing cars,” said Mary. “Her wheelchair provides support to her when we are in and out of home and she needs a break. She is very weak in her legs due to surgery failure a year or so ago, so having a spot to relax while on the move is very helpful for her.”

Amaya’s mom, Mary says that working for Numotion while having a child who is also a customer of Numotion, helps open her mind and emotions to the customers. “I feel like I truly understand their struggles, frustrations, and more. I can connect with them on a personal level helping them understand they are not alone, and we will get them what they need. Knowing that my child's mobility needs are in good hands makes it all so much better. I know that regardless of where we are, there will always be someone there to help if we are ever in a time of need. My work is not only work but also a purpose. My daughter pushes me to want to help more every day just seeing the smile on her face from her equipment.”