Analiese is an 18-year-old from Leesville, Louisiana who loves spending time riding her horses. She enjoys being outside and her favorite subject is science. Her other hobbies include painting, writing, and crafting. Analiese will graduate from high school this year plans to attend college majoring in agriculture.

Analiese was born with Spina Bifida which impacts the amount of sensation and movement she has in her legs. When she was younger, she walked with a walker but that became more difficult as she got older. “I found more independence in my wheelchair because I was able to fully take in every experience, rather than that using all of my energy getting to my destination and being tired when I got there. With my wheelchair, I have been able to complete several 5K races. I have also been able to visit with my horses and do things independently,” said Analiese.

When describing her experience at Numotion Analiese said, “I have been a customer for ten years and it’s been wonderful. Jay Powers is my ATP and always helps me with any questions or concerns I might have.” She also enjoys all of the resources available on the Numotion website and the emails.

During quarantine, Analiese has stayed busy spending time with her horses giving them extra treats and love. She has also spent time staying in contact with friends and family to keep those relationships strong. Analiese recommends spending time outdoors during the pandemic which she finds improves both her physical and mental health.

Analiese has not allowed her disability to slow her down. “I can ride horses just as well as able-bodied people my age. I love doing 5ks, tubing, four-wheeling, and staying active with my friends." For Analiese, her wheelchair provides freedom, independence, and the ability to live life to the fullest.