Caroline experienced a traumatic birth with her twin sister. As a result, she developed severe medical complications and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP). CP presents her with significant postural deformities in her lumbar spine, a scoliosis with a rotational component in her thoracic spine and spastic tone patterns in her extremities. Her bowel and bladder incontinence requires a tracheostomy to manage her airway, and she uses a feeding tube and a Broviak catheter for nutrition and medication.
Her ATP, Leslie, fit her for her Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair with custom-molded seating to manage her posture and medical necessities. This system simultaneously addresses her mobility, positioning and functional needs. Just as important — Caroline is comfortable. Today, Caroline is happy and healthy.
“Leslie has been seating Caroline since she was three years old! We recently moved to Virginia from North Carolina. He drove all the way to Virginia to deliver her chair. She cried and cried when he drove away.”
       - Jennifer, Caroline’s Mom
Caroline was unwilling to give up her service with Numotion after her family’s move from North Carolina to Virginia. Leslie helped connect the family with an ATP at the Baltimore branch – Mark.
In 2017, 12-year old Caroline wanted a bike for Christmas. Her dedicated mom, Jennifer, was determined to make it happen. Adaptive bikes are great solutions for many people with disabilities, but Caroline’s complex, individually figured seating system is too vital to forego. After hours of brainstorming, Jennifer and Mark decided to create a replica of her seating system and custom build the bike frame.
“Not only did Mark’s idea work, but he exceeded our expectations – and dare I say, his, too! Mark worked so hard and could not have done a better job!”
   - Jennifer