Christine lives in Oro Valley near Tucson, AZ, with her husband and likes to sew and read. She was diagnosed with ALS in December of 2019, three months after moving to Arizona. Christine’s ALS has progressed, and she found herself in need of a power wheelchair to improve her mobility and to actively participate in everyday life. Christine’s doctor referred her to Numotion for a mobility assessment.

Christine worked closely with Numotion for a few months to evaluate and trial different mobility devices – over time a trusting relationship was formed. Numotion was not a contracted provider with her insurance plan, but continued to work with both Christine and the health plan in order to help get Christine her much needed customized power wheelchair.

When her order was renewed by her doctor, Christine describes everything after as a roller coaster of ups and downs Initially, her order was denied and deemed as “not medically necessary” but the health plan reversed their decision within two days. “Ever since then, it’s been good with both Numotion and my health plan– it became a win-win for both of them – and I hope to think I was the push” said Christine.

With her new wheelchair, Christine finds greater independence. “The seat elevator makes all the difference in the world! I’m still learning the navigation system and the speed it has for indoor riding, as it’s a speed demon to me! But I’m able to go around my house for various reasons which is much easier with my chair rather than my walker,” said Christine.

Christine has nothing but good things to say about Numotion. “It was a pleasant experience being measured for my chair. They run a very professional operation,” said Christine.