Deborah is fifty-four years young originally from Ohio but currently resides in Tennessee. She has been a wheelchair user since 2012 from an auto accident resulting in a spinal cord injury.

A Numotion customer for nine and a half years, Deborah’s experiences with Numotion have all been positive. After receiving her wheelchair, she was still having issues with a proper fit. “A Numotion Service Technician came to my house several times without question because even though I had just made a few changes to my chair my body wasn’t happy. We finally got it right and I have been moving happily ever since.”

Deborah has found more independence and freedom to continue her passion of running with her wheelchairs from Numotion. “In addition to being an extension of my body getting me from point A to point B, both my chairs from Numotion have had many miles put on them in the last 9 ½ years. In the last 2-3 years upwards of 20 miles a day.”

“I love my Numotion team! The process of getting my chairs from Numotion has been prompt and courteous,” said Deborah.