Elizabeth is from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a mom to a one-year-old little boy. She loves to travel, hike, hula hoop, and practice adaptive yoga. In August of 2015, she was on her way home when her driver’s side tire blew out and caused her car to veer off the road. Her car flipped multiple times down a hill and eventually wrapped itself around a concrete manhole resulting in her spine being severed in half.
A Numotion customer for seven years, Elizabeth said her experience with our Lexington Kentucky Branch has been amazing. “The Lexington Kentucky Branch helps me get things done promptly and make sure I get exactly what I want. Jason, Assistive Technology Professional fitted me for a new wheelchair. He was awesome and was able to help me put together a chair that would be the perfect fit for me and my lifestyle.”
Elizabeth said with her wheelchair, she can go places she wouldn’t be able to go without a custom-fit wheelchair. “I feel so much independence with my wheelchair I have gotten from Numotion,” said Elizabeth. “With my wheelchairs being custom fit for myself it allows me to go on trails, push myself up steep grades, and hula hoop. Having a wheelchair that’s simple and lightweight allows me to do these things.”
On April 14th, 2021, Elizabeth gave birth naturally to a healthy baby boy, “He has just turned a year old and is the happiest little boy. He’s walking and his first word was ‘mama’, so I think it’s safe to say he’s a mama’s boy,” said Elizabeth. “Being a paraplegic mom has its challenges, but I stand by the statement ‘paras can too’ it’s been my mantra since my accident, and I will continue to push the boundaries and overcome anything that comes my way.”