Evelyn is three and a half years old and loves Sesame Street, swimming, sledding in the snow, and will become a big sister this summer. Evelyn was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome which affects the way the brain develops, causing a progressive loss of motor skills and speech.
Numotion has been a part of Evelyn’s mobility journey since the beginning of 2021. During that time, Evelyn’s mom, Bailey said that she has received great service and communication. “We like working with our Customer Care Coordinator, Solita. After we got the insurance approval for Evelyn’s wheelchair, we had one cancellation and it was communicated and rescheduled for a couple of days later. Solita handled making sure that all the paperwork and documents were received. I felt like I didn’t provide anything, they did it for me and her chair was delivered promptly,” said Bailey.
Bailey said that she gives working with Numotion five stars and said that Evelyn has more independence since she received her wheelchair, “Now she gets to ride the bus to and from pre-school with her friends and she doesn’t have to worry about being carried to and from her classroom,” said Bailey. “She gets to stand in line with everyone else. We, as her parents, also get a little freedom back since we do not have to carry her on our own and we can’t wait to work with Numotion on our next project!”