When Garrett was born, he was given a 1 in 8,000 chance of surviving. As he approached first grade, it was clear his existing stroller wasn’t fulfilling Garrett’s or his parents’ needs. Numotion helped Garrett’s family find the perfect fit. He received his first wheelchair in 2014 — a Freedom NXT Manual Wheelchair.
“My experience as a customer, parent and employee allow me to relate to our customers to better meet their mobility needs.”
- Garrett’s Dad and Numotion employee

With this new chair, Garrett can sit at a higher level where he can see the world easier. His head is held straight and he can recline when necessary. An attachable tray allows for hands-on activities and can act as a desk when he is at school. Garrett loves the outdoors, and his chair gives him and his family the ability to spend more time in their yard and going on walks around town.
“Strangers tend to see a wheelchair and assume the worst and say ‘Oh, bless his heart.’ They don’t realize how happy he is and how happy he makes other people.”
- Garrett’s Dad