Gene Moran is a man of many melodies. Born with cerebral palsy, he worked as an elementary school teacher for 21 years before becoming a professional musician/singer/songwriter.

Gene a talented singer and songwriter fronts two bands – Mean Gene and the Soul Scorchers in Phoenix and Mean Gene and the Green Sardines in San Diego, opening national touring artists such as Chris Shifflett of Foo Fighters. Offstage, Gene's other interest is classic cars, and he owns 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle.

For over a decade, Gene has been a customer of Numotion, from handling insurance hassles to going the extra mile by conducting fittings at his workplace, Gene said his experience working with Numotion has always been a positive one.

"The equipment provided to me was a TiLite ZR manual wheelchair. It gives me greater independence because it’s lightweight, durable, and perfectly fitted," said Gene.

Numotion Director of Service Fulfillment, Veronica has known Gene her entire life since she is his cousin. “Gene doesn’t have a disability; he has an opportunity to be creative!

Veronica, Numotion Director of Service Fulfillment, has a unique perspective on Gene as not just a customer but also as his cousin. She said Gene isn't defined by his disability but rather sees it as an avenue for creativity. “His wheelchair is his legs but the only limits he has are the ones he sets for himself, which I’ve yet to see,” said Veronica. “He is one of the wittiest and fun-loving people you’ll ever meet and always armed with a good dad joke. He is the kind of person you want to be around because he’s a great time, but he also pushes you to be your best self by being a living example of what anyone can do if they work hard enough and put their mind to it.”