Twin sisters, Margaret and Harper love mickey mouse and going for walks together. The twin sisters were diagnosed around 15 weeks with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus and Chiari II malformation. They went to Johns Hopkins for the rest of their prenatal care and the girls were born at 38 weeks.

Margaret and Harper are new to Numotion and received their equipment earlier this month. “We are a new Numotion customer and they were amazing to work with! They handled the whole process and we got our Firefly scoot within a month of applying. Although Harper hasn’t had her Firefly scoot long, we can already tell her independence is going to advance,” said Lauren.

Having twins that both have Spina Bifida is very rare. They were told the worst (as most parents who get this diagnosis are told as well). But the twins have proved many people wrong. “Margaret walks with a gait trainer while Harper has her first little wheelchair and we are hopeful she will walk as well,” said Lauren. “Every day they beat the odds and every day prove that Spina Bifida doesn't define them!”

Harper and Margaret are described by their mom as resilient, determined, and ready to take on the world. “Each and every day we fight, we advocate, and we do our best to teach those around us how great not only our girls are, but how great others with spina bifida are as well,” said Lauren.