John and his wife Christine live in Middletown, Delaware. Originally from Binghamton, NY, John was infected with Polio only six months before Salk’s vaccine was widely tested and as a result, was paralyzed from the neck down for six months. Through physical therapy and help from his mom, John walked a year later and played sports in high school. When he turned 40, he began showing Post-Polio Syndrome issues and is now in a power wheelchair.
John has worked with True Mobility for the past 10 years and in the past 10 years, all of John’s experiences with True Mobility have been great. True Mobility is now part of SpinLife, Numotion’s Retail Division.
Since 2010, Michael and Patti Castoria have been providing Delaware with mobility equipment and home access services. “Michael and Patti, along with their wonderful team, have always treated me like their best customer. Always treating me with respect and a desire to listen and help. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to take on a challenge and see it through to completion. I am very rough on my mobility equipment, and they have worked hard to keep me mobile,” said John.
“To me, the most important aspect of obtaining my mobility equipment from True Mobility is that they listen. They take the time to understand my specific mobility needs and work hard to meet those needs. I have purchased 2 wheelchairs, 2 vans, a chair lift for my home, and many smaller mobility devices.  I have yet to be disappointed in their products or their service.”
John is very active in his community and with his family. He volunteers for Rotary International to help eradicate Polio worldwide and is a season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium as a lifelong Yankees fan. “I have a saying that I try to live up to: ‘There’s very little I can’t do, I just have to find a different way of doing it,’” said John. “True Mobility has been my mobility solution allowing me to find those ways to be able to accomplish my goals in life.”

Spinlife New Castle is located at 773 South DuPont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720.