Logan, a spirited four-year-old with cerebral palsy GMFCS 4, delights in all things Pixar, the daily adventure of riding the school bus, immersing himself in books, and embarking on family adventures.
Faced with challenges in finding suitable mobility equipment, Logan's mother confided in her friends about the frustrations she encountered with Logan's chair. "They shared glowing accounts of their positive experiences with their Numotion representative. Taking a leap of faith, I reached out to him to address Logan's equipment needs," said Sara.
Through collaboration with Numotion and their ATP, Jeremy swiftly earned their gratitude. "In this provider-patient dynamic, it's rare to find individuals who extend genuine care beyond brief interactions. Hearing stories of mothers reaching out to Jeremy for equipment issues, only to receive kindness and empathy, is remarkable in our experience-driven world," said Sara. "While policies and lead times may pose challenges, Jeremy's unwavering support makes it all worthwhile. He ensures our current equipment functions optimally until replacements arrive, always striving for excellence."
Logan thrives with his Numotion equipment. "The gear Logan has received from Numotion has been a true gift. With mobility being essential for his daily life at home and school, his wheelchair and walker give him a tremendous stride towards future independence," said Sara. "What makes Logan’s equipment superior is that it is custom fitted to him and his needs/goals.”
"I’m immensely grateful that my child lives in a world where people like Jeremy exist. Raising a child with disabilities presents its own set of challenges, but working with compassionate professionals like Jeremy lightens the load."