McKenzie Coan was diagnosed at nineteen days old with a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. Her parents were told by her doctor that she would never sit, walk or talk. Despite her diagnosis, her parents instilled in her that she could do anything she put her mind to. McKenzie has met her share of challenges but she turns each one into an opportunity for growth.

She began swimming as part of an aqua therapy program, and it quickly became her passion. Today, McKenzie Coan is a 3x Paralympic Gold Medalist and Current World Record Holder.

“I have a philosophy I try to live my life by – the only disability in life is a bad attitude,” said McKenzie, “My entire life, probably very similar to others with a disability, people have tried to dictate or question what I’m capable of. In the water, I’ve always strived to prove them wrong and send a message that my disability is not a weakness, rather it is my greatest strength.

As a Paralympian, she has been able to share her story of resilience and determination with aspiring swimmers across the world. McKenzie spends her time-off training working with her outreach program called “Kenzie Kares” where she gets the opportunity to meet and talk to children with physical disabilities and life-threatening illnesses by visiting hospitals across the U.S. and donating coloring books and toys to kids staying in the hospital.

A Numotion customer herself, Coan will serve as a spokesperson for Numotion where she will have the opportunity to share her motivational message to empower others. “Just like the water has given me my freedom, so has Numotion! I travel all over the world for swimming and my wheelchair has given me the independence and the ability to do that on my own. I’m so excited to work with Numotion, as they strive to show others WHAT IS possible and turn those questions of WHY into WHY NOTS through mobility technologies and services. Numotion strives to provide the tools people need to go out and chase those dreams,” said McKenzie.