Mia is nineteen years old, living on the Central Coast with her parents and boyfriend. She loves to spend as much time in the water as possible and when they are not there, they are at Disneyland. Mia has Lupus and last year her Lupus took a turn for the worst and left her legs crooked and unstable, which led her to look for her first wheelchair.

First time as a Numotion customer, Mia began the ordering process for a new chair in March of this year. “Everyone on my Numotion team let me know that I was in the lead on all of the decisions about my chair, and they helped provide all of the info and tools to do so. I told them about my bad experience in the past with ordering a chair, and they made sure to listen completely to me and meet all my expectations. Information was given to me without making me feel unwise, and once they told me my options, they let me decide what I would like, and that felt good. Numotion would call my doctor to make sure insurance papers were getting taken care of and they noted when there was an error with the paperwork and told me exactly what changes needed to be made for insurance to accept it. I appreciated that because we would not have been able to get the chair if insurance denied it because of those mistakes. All billing and dealings with insurance were made very clear, through phone calls before proceeding, and a notification in the app, as to what was covered and any additional costs, we appreciated this.”

Mia said that her team made getting her new wheelchair very simple. “My team answered every call I had, even if it was weekly just to check on the progress of my chair. Mary was the absolute sweetest and always got back to me and kept me informed. Mike also seemed to understand the importance of his role as a tech, and what his help meant to customers. I thought that was amazing because I and other customers are putting a lot of trust in him to help build the right chair, and when it’s your first time, having a compassionate and knowledgeable tech is important.”

One tool Numotion offers to customers is the myNumotion app. The myNumotion app provides access to helpful information like the status of your service or equipment orders, self-pay estimates, and notifications of order status changes. Mia, I was able to submit questions on the app, “I would always receive a call back with answers promptly. I could also see what stage the order was in, and when it was done being approved by the insurance, it moved to the next phase, and it even gave an estimated date of when the order would be ready.”

With a chair that is narrow enough for her smaller body, Mia said she can push completely by herself because her shoulders aren’t up in her ears. “The lighter wheels on this one also allows for me to be able to load it into my car by myself, which is huge! I’m very independent, but not being able to get my older, bigger chair out of the car myself was a huge disappointment and I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere by myself,” said Mia. “Because this chair is 4 inches narrower, it can fit through the doors of my house. Now that I’ve got a proper chair, I’m excited to start dancing again and taking classes with the Rollettes. Most exciting is their summer camp coming up that I can’t wait for.”