Monique is “a Cajun girl’ from Houma, Louisiana now living in Gonzales, Louisiana. Monique is a wife and mother of three children. Working as a Registered Nurse for 17 years, nursing was her passion. Her life changed drastically on April 30, 2018, when she was diagnosed with ALS after two years of doctor visits, surgeries, and testing.

Numotion has been a part of Monique’s journey since the beginning of her diagnosis. She first met Numotion Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), Chris at her local ALS clinic where he measured her for her new wheelchair that she received in 2020.

From the beginning, Monique felt her team was courteous, personable, and a joy to work with. “Chris would come into my room with my physical therapist, and we would discuss my changing needs. I always felt like Chris had a solution to any change I needed with my chair. I always felt understood and heard,” said Monique. Since then, Monique has received a power wheelchair, headrest, sidebar, hand bars, seat cushions, etc.   

As the preferred CRT provider, Numotion works with Team Gleason to provide technology services and solutions that ensure those with ALS continue living productive, purposeful, and meaningful lives.

At a recent visit with Monique, Chris noticed that she was no longer able to drive her chair or control her seating system. Chris called Team Gleason together they gifted Monique the ability to move her chair with her eyes using the ability drive.

“After receiving it in the mail Numotion connected it and very patiently taught me how to use it. Thank you to Numotion and Team Gleason for the gift of Freedom!”