Paul Amadeus Lane, of Long Beach, California, has been a lower-level quadriplegic for nearly 27 years as the result of a car accident which occurred in January 1993.  Prior to his injury, Paul was a musician and an EMT, and spent his spare time gaming, indulging in sci-fi and comic books, and learning about the latest technology.
Paul has been a Numotion customer since 2015, living a happy and thriving life. Paul tributes his custom wheelchair for allowing him to become a member of the broadcast media. “I have been able to cover different events and conventions and interview some pretty amazing folks,” said Paul. “I wouldn't have been able to achieve many career accomplishments like becoming an accessibility consultant for the gaming community and working with major video game developers if I didn't have mobility help from my wheelchair.”
Paul’s whole career as a member of the media has defied the expectations of someone using a wheelchair. “Landing my first job was a transformation to many in my industry. There are very few people like me in broadcast media,” said Paul. “I think back to when I first started covering live events and I was in the interview line and the only one in a wheelchair and the events were not accessible. After covering many live events, the PR professionals that I met many years ago make sure that there is enough room for me on the interview lines. I can't forget the celebrities and stars that I've interviewed in person and how comfortable they are when they see me in my chair and how when I see them on several occasions they remember me.”

Numotion ATP’s Mike and Cody have provided service to Paul and his wheelchair for many years. “I appreciate how attentive everyone has been from the customer service department to the technicians. I have had some pretty super ATPs, Mike and Cody, they listened to my needs and how active I am in my wheelchair and how I use it in my daily life and provided me with the wheelchair I need to accomplish those things,” said Paul.
Despite the trials of COVID-19, Paul said Numotion hasn’t missed a beat and whenever he needed service done on his wheelchar they came to his home and safely performed the needed tasks.
Paul’s wheelchair has provided him the necessary mobility but his passion for video games and creating content has allowed him to create a successful career as an accessible gaming consultant, keynote speaker, and TV and radio personality. Using this platform, Paul has also created a channel through which he can help and encourage inclusiveness for all.