Richmond was born and raised in Albany, GA. He is a third-generation Army combat soldier joining the army like his father and uncles. Richmond loves the outdoors, fishing, hunting, traveling, and spending time with his grandkids.
Numotion worked with Richmond to provide him with a power wheelchair. “I have had 18 operations, live with chronic joint pain and severe nerve damage in my spine. Not being able to walk in the mall or the park has limited my life with my family. With my wheelchair, I can move around the city with ease now and take walks with my family and kids.”
Richmond has had his power wheelchair for almost a year now and said that he and his family are very happy with their experience working with Numotion.
“Numotion told me the truth and kept me informed. Gave me a role in helping to obtain my powerchair. They answered or returned my calls and emails, in a timely manner displaying a ‘can do anything attitude.’ I saw people’s complaints, but they later changed their story in their review. Numotion addressed all the complaints and fixed the problems. That was my motivation to use their services. I have just begun my journey and will keep using Numotion.”