Ricky was born 5 months premature and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Now, twenty-five years old, Ricky remains very active community in Brunswick, OH. He has worked as a greeter at a grocery store and local recreation center where everyone loved him. His mom, Darlene said he had people coming to the rec center to just talk to him and enjoy his infectious smile. He currently works with Kong dog toys – his program helps package/label and get ready for sale to local pet stores.

Ricky has been a Numotion customer for seven years and received his first power wheelchair at four years old. Ricky loves his Numotion Team and said working with them is easy, “My guys are willing to help and quickly – they are ALWAYS fun to be around because we can joke and laugh about stuff while they are helping to fix things.”  

With his wheelchair, Ricky can remain active and do the things he loves. Ricky’s mom, Darlene said “In all, Ricky has the greatest outlook on life. His chair has always been an extension of him, and he does everything he wants to do. It’s been said many times that his personality is the best that can be found, his smile and laugh are infectious, and he has a beautiful and caring heart. He is truly the kid who cares about others more than himself!”