Meet Tricia, an avid car enthusiast, mosaic artist, and proud dog mom to Rudy and Trixie, had her life take a significant turn in 1999 with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, a condition affecting the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves.

Over the past fifteen years, Tricia has worked with Numotion, a relationship she describes as consistently positive. "I have worked with Numotion for many years now and have found each time to be a positive experience," she shared. "I’m happy with their response time, they return the phone calls, and are always keeping me updated with changes, delivery, or service call times."

Starting with a manual wheelchair in 2008, Tricia has recently transitioned to a power wheelchair, a journey made smoother with the assistance of Numotion. "Numotion has always been clear on what they need and how to get the necessary information for any of my equipment needs," Tricia explained. "With my latest piece of equipment, they went to my doctor’s office to explain how and what he needed to provide, and to pick up the finished articles. It was handled so well and smoothly taking a lot of the stress away from me."

Tricia also commended Numotion’s Service & Repair team for their reliability and expertise. "The service technicians have always been on time, have called to alert me to their location and ETA, and are knowledgeable about the equipment when they have arrived."

Throughout her journey, Tricia's partnership with Numotion has been pivotal in preserving her independence and enhancing her quality of life.