Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

With Ultra Lightweight technology, you can more easily and safely accomplish activities in a manual wheelchair optimally configured around you. These custom wheelchairs are configured to your body to help prevent pressure and shoulder injuries as well as assist in maintaining good posture. 

If you have an active lifestyle, self-propel your chair and qualify for an Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, we can completely customize it to your needs, life and even personality.

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Strong Materials
Frames are made in several different ultra lightweight materials, including aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber.

Folding or Rigid 
​A folding chair is heavier and has more moving parts to allow the chair to fold. A rigid chair has less moving parts and is lighter.

Custom Custom

Individually Configured
From frame and seating to wheels and color, your chair can be completely customized to your body, needs and style.

Medical Necessity

To get insurance coverage for Complex Rehab Technology, your insurance provider must determine you have a “medical necessity.” This means you must have a condition that requires the equipment to prevent, diagnose, or treat an illness, injury, condition, disease or its symptoms.

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Who needs this technology?

Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs are best if you spend most of your time in your wheelchair and are more active, have a long-term need for a wheelchair and mostly propel yourself. 


We want to make the process as easy on you as possible. From working with clinicians and insurers, to customizing your equipment so it’s perfect for you, we’re by your side.

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