Tilt Wheelchairs

When you need help shifting your weight, these manual wheelchairs can give you the ability to easily tilt you on your back. When you tilt, your hip angle remains the same, but your body tilts backwards and your weight shifts to your back and off of your ischial tuberosities (sitting bones) allowing for pressure relief and better circulation. Each chair is individually configured to your needs — from height and weight options to color and seating preferences.

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Health Health

Prevents Pressure Injuries
Redistributing pressure helps prevent pressure injuries.

Improves Orthopedics
Tilt allows your client's body to stay in alignment while providing pressure relief.

Supports Digestive Health
A correct, upright position helps prevent digestive complications.

Encourages Blood Flow
Tilting helps alleviate postural hypotension, while providing the ability to bring the client in to a completely upright position if Autonomic Dysreflexia is suspected.

Helps Lung Function
The ability to position and reposition correctly keeps the diaphragm open to help prevent complications for those at risk for respiratory complications.

Medical Necessity

To get insurance coverage for Complex Rehab Technology, your insurance provider must determine you have a “medical necessity.” This means you must have a condition that requires the equipment to prevent, diagnose, or treat an illness, injury, condition, disease or its symptoms.  

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Who needs this technology?

If you are really dependent on your seating, can’t propel yourself and can’t perform weight shifts on your own, tilt technology is a great option. Many people who have a brain injury, stroke or severe disability can benefit from tilt technology.


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