Individuals diagnosed with ALS confront a loss of independent movement over time.  Through the use of power wheelchairs and other complex rehab technology (CRT) support, those affected by ALS can experience renewed independence with their mobility.  Numotion is committed to supporting individuals by fighting back against the effects of ALS, helping people gain back freedom to allow them to continue pursuing the activities that are meaningful to them.  Through the use of CRT, individuals can experience a way to reclaim their mobility and independence. 

During the journey with ALS, many individuals will transition to the use of a power wheelchair for their mobility.  To learn more about powered mobility and the many considerations and options, check out the Power Wheelchair Guide from Team Gleason, powered by Numotion.


Numotion's Partnership with Team Gleason

Wheelchair Basics

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Team GleasonPower Wheelchair
Guide powered by Numotion

Video Resources

There are many aspects to consider when navigating the equipment options and needs during the journey with ALS. The following videos were created by The ALS Association in cooperation with ALS United Rocky Mountain, in partnership with Numotion, to provide education on these many considerations.