Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) Strollers differ from regular strollers in how they collapse, the type of supports available, and how they adjust for growth. When you need a simple way to get your child around, or when time is a factor, strollers fill in the gap.

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Technology Technology

Fixed Tilt Option
With some Tilt technology, gravity helps improve postural control and support the body of children with limited upper-body strength.

Form Form

Transport Tie-Downs
Many strollers have transport tie-downs for use in a motor vehicle, such as a school bus, equipped with tie-down straps.

Strollers can have several accessory options, including a work tray, caster locks or rain cover - although some, or all, options may not be covered by insurance.

Add-On Positioning Devices
There are several add-on options that can support your child’s needs, including positioning straps, harnesses and backs.

Functionality Functionality

Basic Positioning
Strollers have several positioning options to keep your child comfortably in place.

Medical Necessity

To get insurance coverage for Complex Rehab Technology, your insurance provider must determine your child has a “medical necessity”. This means your child must have a condition that requires the equipment to prevent, diagnose or treat an illness, injury, condition, disease or its symptoms. 

Most insurance providers only offer coverage if your child has a significant impairment that limits him or her from performing daily activities. However, Medicaid will often pay for parts, service and other mobility products and support so your child has more community access.

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Who needs this technology?

A Stroller is a complementary mobility device for many older children. For younger ones, they may spend more time in it, and consider it their primary mobility device.


Strollers are best for children who go outside and travel often, have minimal positioning needs and don’t self propel. While they fulfill basic positioning needs, they don’t accommodate every diagnosis.


We want to make the process as easy on you as possible. From working with clinicians and insurers, to customizing your child’s equipment so it’s a perfect fit, we’re by your side.

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