Smartbox Grid Pad Series

Grid-Pad_232x204.pngThe Grid Pad Series offers a variety of device sizes. These devices run on iOS or Windows platforms. Any AAC app is available on the iOS based platforms. Grid 3 softward standard on the Grid Pad Series of devices. Depending on the device you choose, there are different access methods available such as; switch, touch, head mouse, and Eye Gaze. 

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Eyegaze Edge 

Grid-Pad_232x204.pngThe Eyegaze Edge device is an speech generating eyegaze device that operates on a camera unlike many other eyegaze cameras available. This is a windows based tablet with Mind Express software. Low fatigue & high accuracy eye trackers - two eye tracker options. Designed for users with typical & atypical eye conditions and features multiple positioning options.

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Forbes AAC ProSlate Series  

Forbes-ProSlate_232x204.pngThese durable iOS-based devices can run almost any AAC app on the market, allowing you to personalize your communication. Devices come in a variety of colors and sizes. The removable SoundPOD™ can be permanently attached to the device or worn around the neck. Additionally, durable keyguards can be added to make selection easy, and the FlexABLE© handle gives you total control over the device's position.

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Forbes AAC WinSlate Series  

Forbes-WinSlate_232x204.pngFeaturing Mind Express software on the WinSlate dashboard, these devices are accessible via gyroscopic head mouse, switch scanning, direct selection, and eye tracking. The optional Enable Eyes® module uses state-of-the-art eye tracking. This device provides the potential to access all that Windows 10 has to offer, including computer use, environmental control and use of social media platforms.

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Control Bionics - NeuroNode TriologyForbes-ProSlate_232x204.png

NeuroNode Trilogy is a 3-in-1 solution for those living with paralysis and loss of speech. Combining touch control, eye control and NeuroNode 3.0 control, the NeuroNode Trilogy is finally the solution that fits to the user’s needs as they change. Combining control methods allows the user to significantly increase communication speed and output up to 133%.

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Logan Tech ProxTalker  

ProxTalker_232x204.pngUses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to enable independent verbal picture communication for non-verbal people of all ages. This technology allows you to simply place any photo, symbol, or object on a sound tag card and have a voice! To trigger voice output place your sound tag card on any one of the 5 buttons and push.  Now silent picture users have easy access to voice output. 

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Lingraphica AAC Devices

All-Three-Devices-Triangle.pngLingraphica AAC devices help you improve your communication, speech, and quality of life. By using a device, you can express what you want to say in several different ways. Practice your speech through a series of activities, videos, and quizzes. Or connect with others and become more independent by bringing your device wherever you go.