The L series from Smartbox is designed so your voice is always with you, everywhere you go. Grab hold of the tactile handle, mount it to your wheelchair, or attach the strap to carry it on the move. Available in two sizes and in a choice of colours.  
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Touch Pad

Touch Pad is a lightweight 1kg device, perfect for AAC users who need a fast and portable way to communicate. It has a long battery life, clear amplified sound, and is powered by flagship Grid software.  Learn more here.


G13 is a powerful and fully featured speech generating device ready for use with eye tracking technology. Designed for people with ALS, Cerebral Palsy, brain injury and other conditions that affect speech and mobility. Learn more here.

Grid Pad 15


Grid-Pad-12_232x204.pngGrid Pad 15 is a fully featured communication aid designed for independence, with a 15.6" display, runs Grid 3 software and rear-facing second screen. Available with the Lumini camera or Alea camera. Learn more here.

Grid Pad 10s 

Grid Pad 10s is a dedicated, multi-access device designed for users who want a portable and rugged communication aid with a second-screen. Available with a tough cover in black, coral red or mint green. Learn more here.