Touch Pad

Touch Pad is a lightweight 1kg device, perfect for AAC users who need a fast and portable way to communicate. It has a long battery life, clear amplified sound, and is powered by flagship Grid software.  Learn more here.

Grid Pad 12 

Grid-Pad-12_232x204.pngSmartbox's most flexible solution for people with complex access and communication needs. The new Grid Pad 12 is a dedicated device and has been designed in collaboration with AAC users. A long 15-hour battery life, rugged design and multiple access options ensure you always have your voice.
Learn more here.


Grid Pad 15

Grid-Pad-12_232x204.pngGrid Pad 15 is a fully featured communication aid designed for independence, with a 15.6" display and rear-facing second screen. Learn more here.

Grid Pad 10 

Grid-Pad-10_232x204.pngGrid Pad 10 is a smaller and lighter alternative to our Grid Pad 12, with a 10” display. This multi-access, portable device comes in a rugged case, and can be mounted or used with a shoulder strap and handle. Learn more here.


Talk Pad

Talk Pad is a powerful, portable and rugged AAC device, with a 10 hour battery life and loud speaker. Designed for everyday life, the case is shock absorbent and scratch resistant to protect against knocks and bumps. Learn more here.