It takes a team of people to support the effective and efficient management of your new equipment order, service and repair needs, or medical supply purchases.  In order to give you a sense of the different types of people you may come across when working with Numotion, here are some of the critical roles that help to directly serve you.
Assistive Technology Professional (ATP)
Your ATP is a very important member of your mobility team. Along with a physician, an occupational therapist or a physical therapist, they help analyze your unique needs, assist in the selection of the appropriate equipment and train on how to properly use the specific equipment. The Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) certification recognizes those who have reached an internationally accepted standard of knowledge in assistive technology and who demonstrate a commitment to provide only the highest ethical standards of practice. The ATP will work with you throughout the ordering process and beyond.
Account Manager – Medical Supplies
For clinicians, your Account Manager is your primary point of contact to place medical supply orders. Your Account Manager will ensure your patients’ receive the necessary product samples, help collect medical documentation and ensure your patients’ orders are processed timely and smoothly.
Seating Technician
The Seating Technician works primarily with the ATP as part of the team that delivers and fits equipment and assures that your functional goals established during the evaluation are met with your equipment. The seating tech also gets involved in resolving any issues you may experience with your equipment and is a resource for general inquiries or questions that you or your therapist may have at any point in the process or after delivery of your equipment
Customer Care Coordinator                                                                                        
Your Customer Care Coordinator is your primary point of contact for all equipment orders.  Your CCC works with you to collect all the necessary documentation including the Functional Mobility Evaluation and Letter of Medical Necessity.  The CCC organizes these and other documents and funnels them to the necessary experts for review and processing.  The CCC coordinates communication between all staff involved in processing your order to allow for the most effective and efficient flow.
Customer Care Representative – Medical Supplies                                                                                        
Your Customer Care Representative  is your primary point of contact for all medical supply orders.  The position is responsible for ensuring that your order is processed quickly and accurately so that your supply needs are met. Your CCR works with you and your clinician to collect all the necessary documentation and funnels them to the necessary experts for review and processing. 
Medical Documentation Coordinator
The Documentation Coordinator is responsible for submission and retrieval of medical documentation to physician/therapist to ensure medical necessity required for funding.
This role works with other Numotion personnel in the coordination to identify documentation requirements and ensures any missing information is addressed in a timely manner.
Funding Coordinator
Your Funding Coordinator is responsible for review of medical documentation, submission and follow-up of prior authorizations.  The position reviews medical documentation for accuracy/medical necessity and submits for prior authorization with all required documentation to appropriate funding source.  This role also maintains consistent follow up on status of all prior authorization requests, reviews authorizations from payer to determine approved/denied items and calculates estimated copay based on current insurance benefits.
Insurance Verification Coordinator
The Insurance Verification Coordinator is responsible for verifying benefits for all funding sources.  They communicate directly with insurance carriers on your behalf and work with other Numotion personnel in the coordination of the insurance benefits applicable to your order(s) and circumstances, raising the need for additional information or clarifications as necessary.
Service Technician
The Service Technician will access, test and diagnose issues with your equipment and will properly repair and maintain equipment according to manufacturer’s specifications.  The Service Tech also can perform minor fitting and adjustments of equipment and is often part of the assembly team that configures your equipment at the direction of the ATP and/or seating technician.  The Service tech also trains/educates you and your caregivers in the proper use, care, and safety of equipment purchased or rented.