Aaron is a Numotion Assistive Technology Professional. In 2015, Aaron joined Team Numotion as a Service Technician after previously working as a customer service representative at Kroger. “I heard about the service tech job through the service manager.  I knew how to turn a wrench and one of my strengths is problem-solving so he asked me to come aboard and help him out. I had no idea what would come of it, but it was honestly one of the best decisions I have made in my life,” said Aaron. 

Aaron said that his career up until this point did not lead him to join Numotion. He was unfamiliar with what Numotion did. Motivated by working with his hands in a different environment every day and enjoying interacting with people, Aaron felt that Numotion seemed like the perfect path for him to take. “When I started here almost 7 years ago, I had no idea I would take the path of service tech, then seating tech, and up to ATP where I am now.” 

One family that Aaron works with shared a positive experience with Aaron that they said was life-changing. “On Christmas Eve night, we began gathering items to prepare to travel to visit with our extended families for Christmas Day. Preparing to travel can take several hours to ensure everything is packed, that everything works, and that the trip will be successful. While folding our son, Jake’s new wheelchair to place in our car, we encountered a challenge and could not fold the chair completely.  Although we had been trained well on using the wheelchair, it was still new to us. We knew there was nothing wrong with the chair, however, we could NOT complete the final step of folding the wheelchair frame to fit into our car to travel. We wanted so desperately to take his new wheelchair to allow him to be able to sit up well, engage with the other family members, and open gifts. I had one thought…I wonder if I reach out to Aaron if he would be able to call and help us? I doubted that it would be successful being a holiday but decided to try. Aaron responded immediately. He was home with his family on Christmas Eve and was putting his child to bed. He offered to FaceTime us and assist us. We were blown away that an employee who was off duty, with his own family, and not required to assist us would go out of his way for us. We connected by FaceTime and he walked us through the process, problem-solved the issue, and educated us about how to complete it! This one decision that Aaron made, to step into our daily life and help us change our entire holiday experience; blessed our family with memories we will have for a lifetime! We were so grateful.” 

Aaron said his favorite thing about his job is customer interaction. “Leaving a job knowing that what you do means so much to someone is just very rewarding,” said Aaron. “I try to treat every client like family, I think that makes a big difference not only to them but to me as well. It makes me take this job more personal.”