Amy loves working with people.

Amy was raised by deaf parents who encouraged her to advocate and support those who need it the most. She went on to pursue higher education in speech and language pathology. But as Amy worked her way up the chain of command, she realized she was spending less and less time working with people. Thankful for the experience in regional management, she went on to apply for something similar at Numotion that promised more interaction with people.
At Numotion, Amy leads the branches in the Northeast Region. She works closely with her team, builds relationships with employees in the field and has opportunities to meet the customers she serves.
Dedication to Education
She is constantly on the lookout for advocacy and education events.
“I make an effort to be at every NuFair, Abilities Expo and educational event possible,” said Amy. “If an event is important enough for my ATPs (Assistive Technology Professionals) to be there, it is important enough for me to be there, too. My employees know that I would never ask them to do anything I wouldn’t be willing to do myself.”
Team Mom
In 2017, Amy volunteered to organize Team Numotion for the Travis Roy Foundation’s Annual WIFFLE Ball Tournament. She dedicated time to recruiting a team of leaders and ATPs; and although she looked forward to playing, she declared herself Team Mom after over-filling the roster. Amy was proud to be with a team that had too many volunteers asking to participate.
All About People
Interacting with her region’s ATPs and customers fuels Amy’s enthusiasm to serve others. She believes in the power of Making It Personal, a theme that lives in the hearts of Numotion leaders.
“Working with people is the best part of my job – internally and externally,” said Amy. “I get to work with so many types of people. I have an awesome team, meet great referrals and serve wonderful customers. I love knowing the people who Numotion is making an impact on. I do everything for our customers. My employees count on me to do good work – I’m responsible for making sure customers get their equipment at the end of the day and that my employees are proud to work for this company.”
Today, Amy still attributes her drive and ambition to those childhood lessons taught by the people who love her the most.